Inspiring you to be your best

Captivate Audiences…
Dr. Cherie’s leadership principles and tools bring results.

For Success in Business and in Life…
Dr. Cherie’s coaching helps you find success in both.

Engage Employees and Customers…
Dr. Cherie’s Formula Guarantees Success.

Transform your Organization…
Dr. Cherie’s Workshops and Consulting break through the barriers.

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A Speaker to Inspire & Motivate

With leadership and success programs that have captivated audiences across the country, Dr. Cherie helps to establish a success mind-set, instills leadership qualities and reveals how to engage employees and customers.

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A Coach to Develop High Potential

Dr. Cherie grew her business into an extraordinary organization by helping the people within the company be the best they could be.  Now she inspires, motivates, and coaches people around the word to do the same.  Through her coaching, their lives and their organizations are transformed.

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A Consultant to Transform your Organization

Sometimes an organization needs more than a speaker and a coach. Sometimes it needs a consultant to come in, identify issues, and formulate solutions. From employee and customer service issues, to the larger picture of organizational transformation, Dr. Cherie has the tools and expertise needed.

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Dr. Cherie Whiting, the Appreciateur who fully engages employees and customers to build and grow businesses.

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