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You want Dr. Cherie Whiting. Cherie WhitingDr. Cherie Whiting is a pioneer, a most effective leader and the “Real Deal.” Her leadership and success programs have captivated audiences across the country. Her methods and techniques have been honed to perfection over years of success in the business world. She customizes her programs so the participants have an easy time understanding the techniques she teaches and are able to take and apply them in their own lives. Whether you need someone to help establish a success mind-set, instill leadership qualities, or reveal how to engage your employees and customers, Dr. Cherie is the perfect choice for you.

You will be glad you called Award Winning, Dr. Cherie Whiting, to speak at your next function.

As a much sought-after professional keynote speaker Cherie Whiting promises to deliver a high-energy, high-content presentation that will leave the audience clamoring for more. Whether engaged to deliver a keynote speech or a breakout session or both, you’ll find Cherie Whiting delivers every time. Book Cherie for your next event!

“Cherie Whiting’s presentation was nothing short of amazing. Her stories engaged the audience and provided them with wonderful thoughts and tips to face any challenge they come upon. She was awesome!!” Dr. Valentina Gokenbach

Administrator, Mitch Albom Medical Charities

The ROI of Appreciation: How to Build a Staff That Will Make Your Business Successful!

So many business owners and managers believe that staff should just be happy that they have a job. Well, have you ever gone into a business and found the employees standing around talking with each other and ignoring their work or their customers? These are dis-engaged employees and they cause businesses money, good will and customer loyalty. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Employee engagement makes all the difference and it all starts with appreciation. In this presentation you will learn Cherie’s five most valuable techniques for engaging your staff and realizing the return on investment you would love to have.

“Cherie Whiting is a phenomenal woman who has a wealth of knowledge and “real world” experiences to share with audiences. She is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I was immediately captured by her spirit, along with the success she has had in business.” Kristina Marshall

President and CEO, Winning Futures

There Ain’t Nothin’ I Can’t Handle: How to Turn Obstacles Into Huge Successes.

Are the daily obstacles of business weighing down the staff and the managers, so much so, that success seems out of reach? Are the daily problems making it difficult to focus on the principles that will get you to success? Cherie Whiting, knows what you’re dealing with. As a young entrepreneur, she faced many obstacles, but following her own instincts, she lived the leadership and management values she felt were so important and in doing so, grew her home health agency in to one of the largest in Michigan, acclaimed for its excellence in customer service, superstar staff and growth. In this presentation you will learn the four most valuable principles that will lead to success in business and in life.

“Cherie Whiting inspired, motivated, empowered and gave tools to our group of entrepreneurs to go out and make their dreams a success!” Jan Hubbard

Walsh Institute Leadership Center Director, Walsch College

Making Success Worth it! How to Live a Balanced Life

Are you working hard to build the business and make it more and more successful, only to realize that you’re out of touch with your kids, your partner, yourself? Do you have a growing realization that your life is out of balance and in being out of balance you could lose what’s most valuable to you? Cherie Whiting was a business owner of an award winning, growing organization when she came to that realization. It was a moment of realization that changed her life forever. In this presentation you will learn the principles of taking care of the physical, mental and spiritual parts of your life. You will learn how to keep them in balance and in doing so, make the success you’re working so hard to achieve, worth it!

Whether to an intimate group or large audience, Dr. Cherie Whiting motivates, inspires and captivates her audiences, giving them the tools they’ll need to go back to their organizations and produce results. The most often heard statements after one of Cherie’s programs are, “You made me understand the importance of perseverance” and “I finally realize what employee appreciation and engagement can do for my business!” “Your message gave me the tools I need to be a success!” These are such important concepts to grasp and almost none more essential to a successful business. Lori A. Gwizdala

CFO, Chemical Financial Corporation

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