Hello, Success! A Leadership Book for Women


In the United States, women still make only seventy-five cents on the dollar for a comparable job done by a man. That’s only a twelve-cent improvement from 1975.

Filled with empowering stories, Hello, Success!, speaks about how to turn your world into what you want it to be. Motivating and inspirational with a formula for success, Cherie shares her story throughout the book. This is a must read for every woman who is ready to take their professional life to the next level.

Stop standing in the silence and prepare to say “Hello, Success!” Make your presence known in your career!

“Cherie Whiting is a pioneer. She has honed her holistic approach to leadership during a time when women leaders were few and far between … Cherie recognized the unique strengths women bring to the leadership role. Cherie generously shares her “secret sauce” of success that is applicable not only for women leaders but all leaders who wish to rise above average performance to achieve personal and business excellence.”

—Dottie Deremo, President and CEO, Hospice of Michigan


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